The Process


Step 1:

Greeting & Salutations!

A meet and greet with your new instructor

At the start of our new workshop you will meet our expert tutor and get a chance to meet with your new fellow students

Step 2:

Introduction to Music

A brief history…

Our tutor will provide you with a brief introduction to music.

Step 3:

Meeting your Instrument

An in-depth review of your instrument

Our tutor will provide guidance with your instrument

Step 4:

Practice Routines

Practice makes perfect

You will get a chance to practice your routines at our weekly workshops

Step 5:

Your First Performance

Time to show them what you can do!

After weeks of practice you will now be ready to perform at a North London venue!

Step 6:


It’s time to rock…

Congratulations and celebrations!

Let's Make Some Music!

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