Music workshops

The music workshops are delivered alongside music, personal and business training sessions. The music sessions are led by a professional with appropriate music and dance skills and last 2 hours. In these sessions young people improve skills in song writing, composing, singing, playing instruments and performance focusing on building self confidence and expression.

One of the intended outcomes of this component is to develop the participants’ musical ability.  Before the commencement of the workshops participants are asked which areas they want to develop and make own individual assessments that are reassessed at the end of the project.  Young people are given freedom to create their own music from their own choice of music genre and themes. The later may relate to issues young people deal with in their day to day life that include drugs, sexual health, relationships, wealth creation, bullying, homelessness, abusive parents, falling out of school , unemployment and  teenage pregnancy.

They are supported in the creation of their ideas including matching the lyrics to the instruments and how to present them.  Hence the young people’s confidence and agency grow in the process.