Leadership Training

Leadership training comprises of personal development sessions lasting 1-2 hours along side music sessions over the program period which last 10 weeks doing 4 hours a week. The sessions are led by a leader and personal development trainer. They are held in a supportive environment, experiential, participatory and using accelerated learning techniques

A wide range of life skills are covered and vary each period.  These include but not limited to leadership, planning, problem solving, and team working, learning how to set goals and achieve them, and mapping future ways.  This part of the program is ground breaking permitting creativity to meet specific needs of the young people.

Young people are supported to discover their unique talents and given the confidence to nurture them. They analyze and find practical solutions to their individual situations.   They identify resources and support networks available to them.     The message of each individual taking responsibility of their actions and lives is delivered. At the end of the workshops, they are inspired to take action and raring to go into the world make changes to their lives and circumstances.