Project Coordinator

Aim of Job

To offer administrative support to staff and volunteers who include tutors and a group of teenagers working to develop songs and pieces of music plus choreography and a showcase in which they will be presented. He/She will oversee and ensure the entire project runs smoothly and successfully. The project start is October and ends in 2018 December will be required every Friday evening for a minimum of 3 hours per week for 9 weeks.

The project coordinator needs to be:

  1. Experienced in administering an arts project or have administered a similar activity before.

  2. Experienced in working with young people in a music related activity.

  3. Able to motivate and support the team and the young people through the workshops and performance

  4. Passionate about working with young people.


Administrative duties

  1. Be the first point of contact for inquiries and requests about ‘Beyond Music project’ including young people and others engagement and involvement in the project.

  2. Prepare the venue for the workshops including seating and instruments arrangement, flip chart stand and learning materials ready

  3. Ensure adequate supply and learning materials

  4. Prepare the venue for the showcase including seating and instrument arrangement

  5. Ensure all paper work for young people is completed including registration and consent forms

  6. Keep attendance registers and track attendance to workshops and follow up non-attenders to resolve any queries /problems

  7. Administer workshop evaluations

  8. Purchase or order refreshments and serve them to the young people

  9. Be alert to any issues arising in relation to the BM project and its activities and if necessary escalate to ensure swift resolution.

  10. Perform any other duty that may be required related to ‘Beyond Music’ project.

Communication and Sharing

  1. Maintain regular communication and share information with young people about the project including follow up calls to young people i. e send reminders of workshops and regular updates

  2. Create a positive and encouraging environment for young people to enjoy the project

  3. Support young people to develop publicity materials to highlight their achievements and aspirations


  1. Supervise the overall running of project and ensure that everything is in accordance with the plan.

  2. Monitor and respond to queries and requests to members in a timely manner

Health and Safety

  1. Ensure the space for workshop and Showcase is safe for young people, staff, volunteers, and visitors/guests

  2. Escalate any issues in relation to staff and volunteers that pose a health and safety risk to the young people.


  1. Escalate any issues in relation to staff and volunteers that pose a safeguarding risk to the young people.

Financial responsibility

  1. Requisition for cash to purchase refreshment and any other items that may be require for workshops

  2. Submit correct receipts for purchases to the project manager

Human resources/ Delivering support and advice to staff and volunteers on project

  1. Support and guide staff and volunteers on the project to deliver their work.

  2. Act as point of contact and support relating to volunteers and staff queries, face to face and electronically.

Training and Development

  1. Willing to attend or have attended Child protection training

Personal Specification

Essential Requirements

Education and Experience

  • GCSE English and Mathematics or equivalent

  • Child protection training qualification

  • Experience of working with or running activities for young people (16 – 25)

  • Experience of administering an arts project or a similar activity.

Skills, Knowledge, and abilities

  • Knowledgeable about safeguarding issues

  • Knowledgeable about health and safety issues

  • Able to report any risk or incident clearly and precisely that may affect the health, safety or security of young people, staff, and guests to workshops and showcase

Personal Qualities and Behaviours

  • Punctual

  • Reliable

  • Problem Solver

  • Can work autonomously

  • Passionate about working with young people.


  • Be aware of and act in accordance with Haringey Stars policies and procedures