Haringey Stars “Time 2 Shine” Showcase is fast approaching and according to Linda Marie, the events management tutor, ‘The event will be awesome.”  Marie says:  “The young people have been very creative and generous with lot of ideas”.

The  December 2014“Time 2 Shine” Showcase is a culmination of 9  weeks of hard work, put in by all the young people involved in the event.  During that time, the work included hours of music rehearsals, as the young people created the songs and acts that will be showcased during the youth’s concert.

The upcoming Showcase is the result of the unique Haringey Stars’ Time2Shine’ project, which includes 16 hours of events management training.  The training gives practical experience in planning, designing and delivering events.  Young people have been participating in four-hour Saturday morning workshops.  The December showcase is the end result for everyone’s hard work and dedication.

Young people have been rehearsing faithfully and working hard, in order to bring about a spectacular concert. Luke Kiraya from Wood Green is one of the talented youths that is involved in both the performing aspect of the showcase and the management aspect of the event.  Kiraya says “Managing the event as well as starring in the showcase has made me have more control of what goes in and ownership’.  Credit for this young person’s positive attitude goes to the integration of the practical Event Management sessions along with the creative music workshops.

The “Time 2 Shine” Showcase will take place on Saturday, December 6, 2014, starting at 7.30pmIt will be held at West Green Learning Centre @Parkview Academy.  The public can look forward to several diverse styles of music.   According to music tutor Sharon Golob, ‘You can expect to hear some choice R&B, rock and afro beat as well as original spoken word and rap.  Members of the public are invited to come along and enjoy the showcase and show their support for young people.”