by Jess Barry

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”  Plato 1380505_10151862889370306_1539448172_n

Haringey Stars are running out of time.  We have less than 48 hours to reach our milestone and make Star Academy happen. Impossible? I don’t think so and here’s why.

I’d like you to stop and take a moment to think about your favourite song, and I mean really think about it.  Not the collection of songs you claim to be your favourite “depending on your mood”, but the song that lifts or settles your soul and makes you feel as though it was written for you and only you.

When thinking about this song, your brain will get to work to feed you every piece of information about the track you have locked away in its busy and overcrowded space.  It will deliver this detail quickly enough for you to construct the pieces so you can see the artist and hear the words, melodies, instruments, key changes and breaks – all with little effort and minimal error.

When you think of the song, your feet may begin tapping, your body moving or you may even hum the lyrics or mimick the baseline in your head (or out loud if you seriously love the song).  This is because your favourite song is not just ‘any song’, but the one that speaks to you because it represents sounds, people, values, places, events and emotions that feel like the soundtrack to your life.

No matter what may be going on in the present, by the time my favourite song fades out in my headphones, I am reminded and inspired by so many things; where I have been, where I am today and where I want to be (or definitely don’t want to be) in the future. All this takes place in exactly 3 minutes and 35 seconds which is hardly any time at all.

Which leads me on to what I think we can achieve in less than 48 hours when trying to raise the remaining funds for Star Academy.

By asking you to experience everything your favourite song says about you and to you, I want to remind you how music can encourage self-reflection, make even the hardest times easier and can create a positive attitude and a bright vision of what may come.

I also want to remind you of the power of music to hopefully inspire you to support our efforts.

Star Academy is not just a series of music lessons. The 20 Young People fortunate enough to participate will experience the enlightening and empowering gift of music first-hand.  They will learn how to play, write and produce their own music, to share their issues, identities and hopes and dreams, and will be given guidance and support to gain the confidence to share this with the world.

I can assure you that before the final bars of your favourite song have played out (within 4 minutes to be precise) you can donate to Star Academy and give our Young People a small but positively life changing gift.

This is why with less than 48 hours remaining on our crowdfunding drive, with a little help from our Star-Gazing friends and your favourite songs, we still think anything is possible.


For more information about Star Academy or the work of Haringey Stars, contact us or send us a DM or tweet – @Haringeystars