We caught up with music tutor Caroline Muraldo to find out how the weekly music workshops are going. REMEMBER! It’s not too late for you to get involved if you’re aged between 16-19 and have a passion for music and performing.

Caroline, welcome to Haringey Stars. Why should young people sign up for these weekly music sessions?
Young people should take any opportunity to learn and develop. These sessions will give them an opportunity to create and develop their own music according to their individual artistic flair and preferences with an opportunity to work with other gifted and talented musicians and vocalist towards a performance where they will be able to perform in a professional way.

Sounds great – tell us a bit about yourself
I am known more as a professional dancer whose profession has taken me around Europe and the Caribbean but through dance I met up with musicians who encouraged me to sing and as I result I spent many years touring with bands, recording vocals for albums and writing songs in more recent years for my own performances.

What’s so great about Haringey Stars?
This organisation is passionate about young people to reaching their potential and is willing to do whatever it can to help them reach their goals. It is a company that is willing to listen to what young people really want and find ways to make that happen while making sure that the students are learning the life skills that are essential for success as an adult.

Thanks. And why should local young people come along to the sessions?
This project will not only provide the opportunity to create the music in the way that they want, but through this work we expect to see the students learn new skills within the areas of not only music and performance but for everyday living including the building up of confidence for those who need it.

What sort of sounds have been coming together on the Saturday workshops?
Whatever the students want! Apart from bad language the sky is the limit!

What are your own musical influences?
I enjoy a wide range of music from Soul, R&B, Soca ,reggae, garage and drum & bass to classical, traditional Caribbean music and so much more. In fact the only music I can say that I don’t enjoy is Heavy Metal!

And what do you plan to do next?
I have so many plans but the most relevant to this project is my Caribbean musical which I am in the process of producing and directing which I plan to be on tour next year.